Act in service to our clients.

Five C Consulting is a boutique firm based near Washington, DC. Our human capital management services address organizational mindset challenges, position companies for growth, and improve the overall productivity.

Our Purpose

We serve decision makers of mid-sized enterprises seeking organizational growth, improved productivity or increased employee engagement. 



Act in service to our clients.

When in doubt we always do what is right for the client. This means we may take unpopular steps to enhance our clients’ reputations. We take great pride in refusing to follow conventional wisdom when the data suggests a different approach. We protect our clients interests and we never break confidentiality.


We embrace complete candor.

Straight talk that deals directly with the issue at hand. Honesty and transparency are implicit in candor. We know that candor and constructive dissent are critical to our success.


"Team" is a verb.

When we 'team' with a client or with each other we see this as an action, not a state. We work collaboratively and support each other by acknowledging the strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, insight and experience of everyone involved. We hold each other to the highest levels of professionalism, accountability, integrity and excellence.


All stakeholders must win.

We believe in the American Dream and in entrepreneurialism. Creating a product and/or a services that adds value to a particular market and earning a profit. However, for any enterprise to thrive and to grow it must deliver value to all stakeholders not just customer and shareholders. By value we mean the ability to stay in the game.


Everyone has unrealized potential.

No matter how far we have come, no matter what experiences we may have had there is always something we can learn.


We learn in the mud.

Teaching an abstract concept or principal is far less likely to stick compared to the same concept or principle delivered in a specific real-time scenario.


Organizational mindset produces an organizational outcome.

The way your people think drives your business. Changing mindsets is the key to changing outcomes. 

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